Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lucky Lucky boy?

On Sunday, J mentioned that we hadn't heard from Scotty's for a while, about going anywhere.

Yesterday, we had some lovely news.

J and the AC have been given tickets for the 6Nations match at Cardiff next week, England v Wales.  They get lunch and guest speakers and a Q&A session with Martyn Williams, and then the match, and then a post match buffet.

J was telling a friend of his about it by text last night.  "Wow, you're so lucky, how did you score those?" he asked.

J showed me his reply, which was about how he'd had to lose a good mate, and how we'd had our lives turned upside down and how the tickets had come through Scotty's Little Soldiers, who'd been given them by one of the rugby charities (I think!)

His mate asked what had happened.

J explained, and didn't show me, because I didn't need to see it in black and white.

Neither of us told AC that we'd had to explain to someone about Rich's death.  It is still a shock to him every time he finds someone who knows us, but doesn't know.

J is excited about going, and AC is excited about going with J.  One of the reasons that I've let the pair of them go on these things together is because I want them to build memories together.  If anything happens to me, they need to have each other.  If anything happens to J, I want AC to have good memories of him, clear ones, of doing cool stuff together.

I can't say it will never happen - because it did.

Because it happened, AC gets to do cool stuff like this.  Inside six months he will have been to both Wembley and the Millennium Stadium.  Both these things are super cool.  I've said before that sometimes he struggles with enjoying the super coolness, because he only gets to do it because Rich died.

This week he thinks that Rich was listening when we were talking, and that's why we got the offer.

Maybe he's right.  I hope so, because then he'd have J and Rich to love him, and that would really make him a lucky, lucky boy.