Friday, March 6, 2009

Nearly bedtime

It's getting that way.

It's around 2309, the BG has phoned. Or rather, the She-Ex phoned and asked if BG could speak to her Daddy, so I said of course she could! And BG was cross with Daddy for not phoning the night before last. So Daddy explained to BG that he had, he just hadn't been able to get through. And BG said "Oh, that'll be my silly dumb mommy" so she got told not to be rude about her mother from her father for that, because regardless of what we think about adults, children do not get to be rude about or to adults. That's the way we're raising the AC, that's the way that we'd be raising the BG if we could. But we can do our bit by telling her not to be rude to her mother. Funnily enough, BG didn't want to talk to Daddy very much after he told her she had to be polite about her mother, children are like that lol!

I suppose this links into the giving up theme. If we had wanted, we could have had a longer conversation with BG by just ignoring what she said. In the long term though, that might have made a difference to her attitude towards her mother, towards adults in general - if her Daddy doesn't tell her off it could mean to her that he thinks it's ok for it to happen, and it's not! So he gave up a longer conversation, for the sake of her having some respect for adults and her mother in general.

That's what parents do. Make short term sacrifices of children's smiles for long term achievement of children's ability to function in society as responsible adults who know how to behave, and hopefully cutting out the ASBO and tantrums and hormones on the way. Well, not the hormones, we're stuck with those, but the rest of it is easily managed at this age.

And it looks like bed has been delayed as R has cracked open a packet of jaffa cakes and we're eating. He has jaffa cakes, I have cheese and baby tomatoes that he bought me the other day to make me smile. They do :-)

Bath! Yay!

I love baths.

It's a fact. I love them. Tonight's bath was a simple one, with my weekly Sunkist (out of the can - I can't drink it if I see it lol!) a pack of smokey bacon crisps, and some chocolate rasins. And a copy of Gerald Durrell's "My Family and Other Animals"

1 hour later, there's no crisps, no sunkist and no choc raisens, and the book is finished.

I get out, and discover that even though he said he was getting my dressing gown, he got his, which is bigger and warmer, and so I am snugged up on the sofa, watching Ace of Cakes, which is one of the funniest programmes I ever sit and watch. Duff Goldman makes this enormous amazing cakes, and tbh, there always looks like there is so little cake involved, and quite a lot of icing and carpentry. I still wouldn't say no though.

And you'd never see any of his cakes on cake wrecks.

Easy, gentle, simple and fun.

Mmmmmmm! Pub tea!

Ah..... Friday!

I've been looking forward to today all week. It has been an eventful day, with me getting irritated with the projector situation in my classroom (long story, won't bore you with the details!) and dealing with the sleeping child situation from yesterday.

R turned up in school to pick me up and took me out for tea. Only to the local Wetherspoons, but I was able to get school off my chest without bringing it home, he had a few things he wanted to get off his chest, and now we're home, and chilling out together, and that means.....


*happy sigh*

A weekend at home, with the man, on Sunday with the boy, no major plans to go anywhere or do anything unless we go and pick up a bookcase and filing cabinet and so on from my lovely brother.

So the plan tonight.

Play some WoW.
Mark the Art books.
Plan the SEN stuff.

Tomorrow - recreate the Literacy planning and Numeracy planning.
Make shortbread (although I might do this tonight as the man does love his shortbread - he loves anything properly homecooked really!)
Make lemon cake.
Make lemon biscuits (we have a lot of lemons!)
Sort the front room
Washing/Drying/folding etc.

All done ready to spend time with R when he gets up (probably going to be a late one tonight waiting for the BG call) and then with the AC when he gets home.

It's all good! Life this week has been, overall, jolly good.

This is better!

It's only 5.30am! YAY! I slept an extra hour!


Last night I didn't blog because I was asleep, basically. R knew I'd been up since stupid o'clock, so let me get on with it on the grounds that I needed to. He checked me a couple of times - I love that feeling of knowing through your sleep that someone is checking on you and tucking you in - but I was not going to bed because we were waiting for a phonecall from BG again. And YAY! we actually got one! She was distracted by icecream, lol, but that's ok. One day, and it's coming, she'll be able to be more independent, and then we won't have to have anything to do with the She-Ex. That will be a shame, because things could have been a lot different, but they are the way she wanted them, so *shrug*! It doesn't affect my life like it used to. We'd even gone to bed, taking the phone as R wanted to get me asleep as soon as possible, and knew I'd wait up to be supportive, just in case. It was good though, because we were snuggled up together listening to the BG answer the questions about her week, like I said, she'd been given icecream, so she wasn't hugely interested in talking lol! But her favourite apparently is mint choc-chip. YAY! That's my girl!

Yesterdays World Book Day was hilarious in school. AC was young Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I was one of the Small Soldiers. Well, kind of. Actually, I was every soldier who had ever lived in a book, according to one of my darlings. I wore R's greens uniform to work. In the morning, AC got dressed easily, no problems. I dot dressed easily, and then R spent 15 minutes helping me tuck things in and fold things up, and bungee things, until the uniform fitted.

We took photos on the way to school so that the BG can see them this weekend. The AC then took more pictures of me at school, pretending to be a director on a model set and going "Fashion mummy, give me high fashion - this is catalogue!" I know. Too much exposure to Top Model at an early age. *sigh* lol!

It was all good fun though, and their work in Literacy was about their favourite character, which could be the one they dressed up as or could be another one that they really like.

(I chose Gwen from Ben10. I would love to dress up as her but, even though I'm losing the extra weight I need to fairly easily, I'm not ready for purple lycra just yet!)

We had all the children into the hall at 12noon for a parade, lots of pictures were taken (can't put them here for obvious reasons!) and the children looked adorable.

AC came home covered in red facepaint blobs - his hair, his face, his neck, his clothes. Apparently one of his best friends at school had come dressed as Darth Maul, so, as young Obi Wan, his mission all day had been to wrestle, fight and lightsaber the lad. And to be fair, Darth Maul's mission all day had been to defeat the forces of good, so everyone was happy. Except his teacher, who made them put the lightsabers on her desk in work time or else nothing would get done she said! R and I have to make an appointment to see her for the AC's parents evening. She said it doesn't matter when though, he's doing really well, making excellent progress with his reading, the intervention group has sorted out his writing, although I need to put some time in on his formation of letters as he's picked up some bad habits that need ammending at this stage rather than when he's older.

I made sure his father had a couple of photos of him from yesterday, and typed an email that the AC dictated to me. It was 5 minutes out of my life and whilst his father is one of the most irritating creatures known to man, he is still the AC's father and deserves to have photos and things of special events - even though he'll pick the AC up from school tonight.

All in all it was a really good day!