Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 13 - A picture of your favourite band or artist.

I mused over this all day yesterday.  I couldn't get to the computer at the weeekend because we had an amazingly busy weekend, but the upshot of the weekend is that AC went to a party and loved it, we made new friends with the parents, AC got his blue belt in KSW and we are all very proud of him, and we did the Leam journey on Friday, back on Saturday with T-boy, and up and back on Sunday.

Very tired.

Also had my essay mark back and I passed.  Not brilliantly, and I will be putting a vast amount of work into the next one now that I know what they want, but hey, that's ok, that's why we do these things.

And I finished my seagreen cardigan, which I am wearing now and is lovely and warm.  Slightly tight under the arms, but I know why and one of these days I could always go back and fix that.  However, and once again, we learn from our mistakes.


A picture of a favourite band or artist.

The obvious choice is


They were a favourite of Rich and I and we ended the formal part of his Celebration with "Don't Stop Me Now", which ROCKED, just like Rich did.  A few people understood the reason why I'd chosen it, some thought it was irreverent, but knew I would have a good reason, and others just enjoyed the top level idea of not being stopped now.  However, I don't care what anyone else thought.  I would have listened to BG if she had wanted something specific, but she wasn't even allowed to be there, so :-p~~~~

I also really enjoy

Avril Lavigne, and Sk8er Boi brings back such amazing memories of time with Caroline (amongst other songs and dancing in the car!)

Right now I'm really enjoying

Depeche Mode.  It's a band from my childhood that I recently refound with J.  Everyone should hear Somebody at some point in their lives.

I love music though.   The other day I chose some old songs, and I sang and sang in my room whilst I put a display up.Someone pointed out that I hadn't sung properly or had music on in school since Rich died.  Yeah.  That's how these things get you.


But I finished my cardi.