Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Like I said yesterday, it's been a while.

AC is now 13yrs old, fiercely independent and yet still so reliant on me. Two weeks ago he saw a body being pulled out of the river, and his heart is still troubled by it, he asks if there is any news on a daily basis.  The gentleman has not been able to be identified, and the AC is worried for his family and children, and parents, who won't know where he is.  At the same time, he's 'not bothered' about anything.  T-Boy is growing, and starting to mature.  He's certainly less hard work than he used to be, but then he comes to us less often, and this year we've all been so ill, I think we've only been up there twice or three times.  I'm not even sure about this weekend if this cough of mine keeps going.

We have new snakes, after a bout of respiratory illness took all of ours over a few months, from the babies to our Big Cassi.

Percy is a 5ft Burmese python who has just had his first shed whilst with us, and Larry is a lipstick sunglow boa constrictor who is around 7ft long and a bit of a grumpy bones, but fine.

The cats are all well, Kev is hunting less now and sleeping more.  He is eight this year, born the August after Rich's accident, and I think he is slowing down.  He only has one ear that sticks up and the other is a crumpled heap on the side of his head after he got an infection in it.  We treated it, but the vet said if it goes down again, it's either a big operation that requires 4-6 weeks recovery with a cone on (can you IMAGINE!) or we leave it.  As the operation is cosmetic, and would be for our benefit as opposed to his, we didn't.  He is watching me now from the top of the fish tank, just looking, and in a moment he'll sigh, stretch his front paws out and put his head on them.

Errol and Frank are as lovable and needy of company as ever!  Just after Kev goes to sleep, I suspect Errol will jump on him as Errol is in that kind of mood this morning.  I don't know why I say this morning, he's always in that kind of mood!  He is such a toddler of a cat!

Parents are all well, Family are all well, there have been no additions since Ffion, and life is fine.  We still haven't heard anything from BG, and I'm not giving up hope - I still write in her blog randomly because I want her to know what life with her father was like, and what life without him is like, and that she is still part of us.  I-t-B never came to collect hers or the She-ex's stuff,  so it still sits there, waiting.  I hope she's doing well, and that school is working out for her and she's enjoying it.  A good education is the foundation of a good life, I keep telling our boys.

School is hard work at the moment as we are pre-SATs and I'm almost sure we'll be going to moderation this year.  More about that on a separate blog, I feel!

Anyway, I need to get up and get on.  I've some academia papers to read, some children's papers to mark, the dishwasher to empty, and headspace to listen to.