Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The highs and lows

The highs and lows of the last four days.....

Lows (because I like to finish on a high note!)
Interesting weekend with T-Boy, in which we have established that he doesn't listen to me.
Coming home to cat sick on the new carpet.

Highs (yeah, only two Lows - and they weren't massive!)

J telling T-Boy he had to listen to me
Cat sick being solid and easily cleaned up (hairball!)
AC completing his Sport Relief Mile
AC taking part in his competition with the school on Sunday
J's birthday celebrations - dinner at his mothers, Indian out last night
NEW SOFA to complete our living room.  Sofa is leather, massive, chocolate coloured and gorgeous.

And the top news.

As far as J and the AC are concerned anyway......

They are going to the set of Coronation Street on Wednesday.  Tomorrow.  Wednesday.  A day when I am teaching and cannot go.  They are looking forward to meeting the cast, having a great day out, and whilst it's a four hour drive there and back, it's all good.  They are doing it through Scotty's Little Soldiers, which is the charity that is supporting the AC through the loss of Rich. (N.B. they would support BG if I could give them an address, and I would if I could, but I'm Not Allowed To Know!)  They have been amazing, and whilst it is a day out of school it is for something that he needs - not to go to Corrie, although apparently J *needs* to go - but to meet other children in his situation.  Other children whose Daddies and Step-Daddies didn't come home.  Most are Afghanistan deaths, some are like the AC, in that they are children of those who would have given their lives, such was their commitment, but their deaths were under other circumstances.  It is for those families who don't tell their children that Daddy was "A monkey in a suit" as the She-Ex told me she would tell the BG, but for those who take military life, and the sacrifices made by the families whilst serving seriously, living every day knowing that it could be today that the call comes.

Whilst the AC and I never expected it to come from Thetford, we are so blessed to have Scotty's.  Life is good people.

So I have a very over excited child, joyous in his looking forward, joyous about his weekend, and Very Tired!  He has worked for others on his own, he has worked as part of a team, and now he gets to do something for him.  All is good and fair in his world!

(and as a bonus, he tells me, he had Indian with the lads last night and now he stinks.  I love 8 yr old boys.....)