Sunday, July 12, 2009

Utterly fabulous day.

Today was glorious.

R surprised me by telling me this week we were going out on Sunday, to think about pack lunches, but not to worry about anything else.

Like where we were going.

It turned out to be the local Craft Show.

It was AMAZING! HE really knows what makes me tick with these things!

We've been before, and I'll post a photo post later about it all when I have the photos from the camera. There was glassblowers, broom makers, knitting, crochet, carpentry, wood turning, Sam had his name carved in a piece of wood by a mad German with a chainsaw, and there was puppets and icecream and it was all marvellous.

I am a very tired, but very happy me. And very enthusiastic about what crafting I'll be doing over the summer.

The AC's head is looking much better and he's back to school on Monday. I'll photo post Monday morning as apparently I am off. I'm not really sure how or why or what I should be doing, but I'll find out tomorrow as I have to take AC in anyway.

laters peoples!


I didn't do a public blog yesterday. It's the first day I've missed for a while, and mainly because yesterday was such a busy day. We had our meeting with the bank lady who is fabulous and is going on maternity leave in Dec, for which we are very happy for her!

We pottered around at home, I slept through IceAge the Meltdown and the AC played on the floor and with R.

We gamed.

We were together. It's what we do best.

R and I talked about the AC and how best to handle his boundary pushing, his exploration of what is rude and what is funny, and his developing attitude.

Neither of us think shouting is a clever thing to do - it just means the loudest person wins.
Neither of us think smacking is the right thing to do for every circumstance - it just means the most violent person wins.
Neither of us think extended time out is the sensible thing to do - often a child goes through the realisation of what they have done and into anger again before the time out is finished.

We talked about phrasing what we say very clearly - the AC is a very literal child. He gets it from his mother. lol!

We talked about the counting, which has always worked for him and is still working.

We talked about positive reinforcement and making sure that we are in positive moods, regardless of work, or Ex's or anything else like that. We always explain how we are feeling, with a brief overview of why if it's relevant to him. Not if it's not, we don't badmouth the She or He-Ex, because we don't think it's the right thing for him, or for any future relationships he has with adults or with BG.

And now he's up, so snuggling on the sofa has been requested.

I think I can manage that!