Thursday, March 12, 2009

Job done!


I've just stitched the top of the dice bag so that I can run the cord around it and then it's done. It looks good, in a green bag like way!

It's been nice, because R and I have sat, opposite each other at the table, him on WoW, me sewing, and just chatting, about life and the universe and everything really. I love spending time with him like that. Just being.

There doesn't seem enough time in the world, just to *be*.

I'm sleepy, but not exhausted, which is good. The blood test results are back and I don't have RA, which is excellent news. Regardless of what it is, the last few days I have felt a lot better - tired, for sure, but a lot more mobile, which is good. It's never stopped me working, and it never will - it'd take a darned sight more than that lol!

And now I'm going to help sort dice for the bag :-)

It is so good to feel so totally loved and appreciated for such a small thing as sewing a drawstring dicebag.

Busy busy busy!

Home at 4.

So far :-

1) dishwasher has been emptied and bottles put in to wash.
2) snowdrops have been planted in tubs outside.
3) child has had a snack.
4) fruit and veg delivery has been taken inside.
5) old veg boxes have been folded down.
6) cats box has been done.
7) bins have been done.

Not bad for 30 mins!


Last night's post was a real job for making me think. I've been thinking much of the night.

R and I (and even the AC to some extent) have had the feeling of being on the brink of something for a while now. None of us know what it is. We know it's coming. There are big changes taking place in our lives all the time, so much so that it's practically a regular occurrence lol, but it's not them.

I suppose we'll find out when whatever it is happens.

In other news, life is pootling along nicely! I've got plenty of work to do for school, and for the new beds to get sorted, for gardening club to get sorted - we're waiting for the products of our Morrison's vouchers to arrive - and for the IEP children. I thought I had another parent last night, but no doubt she'll turn up when she's ready. They usually do in the end.

I've done 29 (this will be 30) posts in 12 days as well. This one is a rambling pile of nonsense though. It did have a point but I lost it.

I wonder if the She-ex phoned last night? It was Wednesday and she is supposed to call on a Wednesday. Unless the goalposts have changed again. I went to sleep when she hadn't called by 10pm (BG has early out of school on a Wednesday) Ah well. These things will sort themselves out. They usually do. I'll find out when R gets up.