Monday, March 20, 2017

Rubbish at rules.

We've just spent the weekend with J's parents and T-Boy.  I am grateful for being able to spend the weekend there, as it means a lot less driving, but at the same time the rules and the conversation are sometimes difficult to deal with.  I know it's because they are old.  I know it's because they are set in their ways, and concrete set, not jelly set.  I also know that they would be sad but stoical if they knew how much I chafe against their rules.

It's not their fault.

I don't do rules.

I bend them where I can and break them where I can't.  When I'm told to follow them, I follow them 100%, to the exact letter, which can be worse for those people who were not *that* specific about what they wanted...  Yes, it's bad behaviour, but if it's the best thing for my children or for my family or for my well being, then that's just what happens.

I do do music, and over the weekend I have heard several songs, one of which was Tainted Love, which I have just blogged all about to BG, and whilst I don't know if she will ever read that blog, it matters that it is there, that the memories are recorded for her to read and to come to one day.


Time to get a wriggle on.