Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knock, knock

So I'm walking back into my blog, listening to how my footsteps sound on the dusty floor.  I've always thought my blog had a wooden floor, and then a big rug in front of a fireplace, with some squishy comfy chairs.  The chairs have been dustsheeted in my absence, by the blog fairies, so that I can just walk back in, pull off the sheeting, and sit down.  I kneel in front of the fireplace and methodically arrange the newspaper, then the sticks, then the coals, in the same way that my granfather taught me so long ago.

So long ago.

It feels strange to be back here, and to know that I'm having to make an effort to be here.  I've retreated so far into my own self in the last few weeks that reaching out seems like an anathema to all that I am.  But I cannot shrink any further - without imploding into some kind of white dwarf star and having more mass than size.  So instead I have to reach out, spread outwards again.

What have I done since October 10th?

Stuff.  Nothing major.  There's still stuff coming for Rich.  I've dealt with DVLA again, with the Child Tax people, with a few more debt collector notices.  I've dealt with it, because I'm tired of it, and clearly no one else is dealing with it, so I'd better.

School is school.  I'm going on a course every Tuesday for 6 weeks.  It'll be good.  If it's not good, then I'll drag the good bits out of it. Choir have been fantastic, and it's been noticed that they have improved drastically since I've been involved.  It's quite soul-nourishing in many ways.

Home is lovely.  We're doing really well with lots of things.  J and I are in the front bedroom now, and although it needs wallpaper and so on, lets not be picky lol!  I'll be moving the AC's room into the middle room, and his room will become the reptile room.

Oh yes.  We've now got 6 snakes, from the original 3, and they are all gorgeous.  I bought J a pair for Christmas, baby boa's all of of 8 inches long, one salmon, one pastel, and they are stunning and friendly.  Both are now properly eating, which is good.

Now though, now I'm tired, and so it is time for me to sit in the warm leather chair, gaze into the wood fire, and drink tea, whilst thinking my own thoughts.