Saturday, December 12, 2009


It's bedtime.  I've had a letter from the Prime Minister's secretary, which is nice, Kev has been to the vets, I've done more Christmas shopping, we've had a world of fun gaming, and life is good.

I've been rereading over what Pete said yesterday, and it's all making sense.  I'm lucky to have good friends like him, the gamers, the Andy's, the armoury, school, church, not to mention the love I get from my family.  I am not alone. 

That's a good feeling.

Achieved lots!

I love days when it all seems to come together by itself!


I've had lovely lovely pictures of my God-daughter to be, who is beautiful, just like her Mummy and Daddy and sister.  Pete was also really really supportive last night when I was Ill, Alone, Tired, and Missing Rich.  All those things get a capital letter because they were That Bad!

I've also done a MASSIVE Tesco order to be delivered on Monday evening, ready to bake my way through the holidays.  Who am I baking for? Who knows.  If I bake it, they will come..... or something!


Next job - Kev to the vets!

Well well well!

Three holes in a row! lol!

I have to get my backside into gear and Get Stuff Done today.

Gamers are coming over around midday, and I may be going into town with them, but probably not as I have to take Kev to the Vet for his booster injections.  I feel protecting him is more important lol.  Last week I couldn't go as I was Poorly In a Contagious Manner.  This week I'm not, I just have a Wandering Voice.

Wandering, as opposed to Lost.  Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't, therefore I have renamed it Wandering.


Dishwasher and Bin should deal with the kitchen.
Washing machine will deal with the bedroom
Hoover will deal with the Front Room
and the only room to really do battle in is the Dining room, because I've had a material explosion.  But I can tame all that in a small time, so it's all good.

Big Jack might be coming over later as well, to collect a couple of bits of Rich's, which is fine and it'll be nice to see him.  Those boys really made the AC feel special, and aside from teaching him a couple of new versions of We Three Kings, gave him a fabulous night out.

Yesterday morning he was playing on the floor singing "A I'm an armourer, B I'm an armourer, C I'm an armourers son!" which was a blessing to hear.  I know *he* knows how his family was made up, regardless of the paperwork lol!  Speaking of paperwork I must get onto some.


Apparently my brain melted right out of my ears over the week of the inquest.  Not good.  Guess that's what happens when you really love someone.