Monday, April 13, 2009

4 feelings in one day

Today has been a lovely day, and a tiring day, and a worrying day and an irritating day.

Lovely - AC was here, R was here, they played together, we all played together, AC played on his own, we snuggled, they played some more, and so on.

Tiring - AC was fine in the day, and is now back with the cough and the cold and the high temperature. Currently snoring on the sofa.

Worrying - got the BG's report card, AC got really hot again, R has gone off to the place again, (9 more working days!)

Irritating - got the BG's report card lol, R's laptop appears to have given up the ghost, no phonecall, R had to go back, I've had some tummy trouble etc.

Over all though, it was a good day. The goods were lovely, from watching them playing together to seeing the AC finally eat something. Not much, I grant you, but something.

And now I'm sitting here, it feels like a Sunday, which is isn't, it's just been a Bank Holiday Monday, I need to have something to eat, I need to hear from the man, and I'm waiting for the season finale of ANTM.

I have to carry the child up to bed. I know his awake weight is about 3.5 stone, but his asleep weight is about 3.5 tonnes.

Bank Holiday Monday! YAY!

It's Bank Holiday Monday! Yay!
There is no school for the AC and I for another week, although the week is ridiculously busy lol, and there is no work for R today, although he'll leave tonight to be back where he was for another 4 days.

There is school for the BG, but she is stuck on the wrong side of a mountain, and we have no way of getting hold of her. I can't remember the last time a weekends phoning the BG went the way it was supposed to. We have called every time we should have, but not often got through. Still, there's a couple of emails for him this morning from the She-Ex, so doubtless there'l be a good reason. Whichever, BG will be skipping school today lol! Apparently we were supposed to be being sent another number to call, but it never arrived. That's ok. No, really. That's ok.

Anyway, this week!

Monday - Bank Holiday - R goes back. Not long now! :-) Then the next phase begins!
Tuesday - AC to his dads at 9, planning marking and so on for me, sort too small clothes out from the AC's wardrobe. BG's birthday. IF she's back from the mountain pass or whatever. (Well, if she's not it'll still be her birthday lol!)
Wednesday - got to stay in for delivery of stuff, so working on planning, marking and so on. AC back at 6
Thursday - depends on the AC as to what we do. If he's feeling better, we might go swimming or park or something. If not, we'll be up at the doctors lol.
Friday - AC to his fathers at 9am, straight to school, greenhouse going up at 10am, hopefully, Cagine and children coming in the afternoon. R home in the afternoon/evening
Saturday - planning next weeks school stuff.
Sunday - chilling out with the lovely family, possibly taking AC to the pictures.

AC is in a noisy mood, but then he was yesterday until around 10, when he started to warm up, so we'll see.