Sunday, April 12, 2015

Michael Rosen wrote a post....

..... and it was on Facebook and called "A Guide to Education."

It was, as is usual with a Michael Rosen post, bang on the nail. I apologise for the screenshots, but I had to share it.

But then I started thinking about my classroom, and I wrote this in reply.

"A guide to education (in Miss Cook's Class"

You get education in Miss Cook's Class
To find out how much education you get,
You need to think of a question.
If you don't know the answer,
You need educating. Easy.
And then we find the answer.
The government tests are done and dusted
And we didn't know we were doing them
Because we did them early
So Miss Cook knew what to teach us for the rest of the year.
We are on the right tables
Because they are our tables.
Except when we aren't on our tables,
Because we are on the floor
Or in the playground
Or in the park
Or at the Art Gallery or the War Memorial
Or Parade or anything else she can find
That might be interesting.
When we went to the park to have symmetry installed
To meet the old and new objectives,
We used mirrors
And looked at plants and bricks and animals
And anything else that was interesting.
(We could have done it on a worksheet,
But we don't like worksheets!
We like real life!)
Education is getting better and better in Miss Cook's class,
We have LearnPads and soft blocks
and counting things,
And clay and paint,
And games from the charity shop because the budget is small,
And time to read whatever we want
And time to think and time to be us.

She even has a soup machine that makes soup whilst we wait!
(She made us cut all the veggies up though.
With knives.
Sharp knives.)

But that's because Miss Cook doesn't like that Education Secretary.
She likes children and teaching,
And learning something every day.

Because tests don't matter.
Children do.


I won't be changing for any government. My children come first, last and every step inbetween.

Not because I am an enthusiastic NQT - I've been teaching for 16years - but because if they don't, then what is the point? If my class are not my work-everything, then why am I even doing the job?

(For my other recent anti-boring lessons and pointless SATs poem, please read Dear Mr Gove)

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