Thursday, August 9, 2007


So in a moment of genius, I decided to put the cereal on the stairs. I've run out of room everywhere else. What I didn't know was that Rice Crispies are afraid of heights, and promptly threw themselves to ground cover.

I was stunned/amazed/laughing/about to weep when the Adorable Child came over and said "Oh dear. well, don't worry, messes happen sometimes don't they mummy!" and then ran off shouting "I've got a plan!" over his shoulder.

This was the plan.
Hands and some considerable consumption first.

Then his broom to push the crispies into the box.

And then he got very technological, and finished off most of the rest!

What did this tell me?

1) He knows that it's ok to make a mess sometimes, and sometimes it just happens.

2)He knows that no-one shouts when messes are made.

3)He knows that a plan to help clear up is a good idea.

4)He knows that different tools are good for different parts of the same job.

5)He knows you can eat the ones on the top.....

6)He knows that helping to tidy is the kind thing to do.

I'm pretty happy with that to be honest. He was so sweet, kind and helpful.

I love him.
Sam's room. Just thought I'd see what it was like to post a picture on here!

Lyrics game

I learned how to write it, when I first started school
Some bully didn't like it, said it didn't sound too cool
So I had to hit him, and all I said when the blood came
It's my last name

Dirk Bentley

In other news, life is good. I met a really nice family yesterday, and they had come over to pick up some freecycle stuff, and are coming over again just for coffee and to play, which will be nice. Cat is on the way up after costing a HUGE amount of cash, and so we're a little skint, but it's ok. The swimming is already paid for, I've got money for what we need, if not a little more, and hopefully the extra will be in on Friday or Monday, I'll phone them about it.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! Rich is about to find out that I made stoneground bread nad rolls yesterday, and that that is what is in his lunchbox because I didn't have time to make 2 lots. But I'll probably have to give up on the bread for a couple of weeks anyway. We'll see how the kitchen goes. I'm in the middle of moving it all into the dining room anyway!