Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reading tests

I'm marking reading tests.

I thought we did SATs last week. Which means we assessed their reading. And today, we did Reading Tests.


Leaving early - got to vote!

Leaving early today so that we can vote on the way to school.

Lots of people won't bother, because of the stuff that has gone on recently in goverment - but the AC needs to know it's important, so off we shall trot!


In the next hour I need to do Church notices, and mark more of the reading booklets, and decide what we are doing for numeracy today, as literacy is, again, a write off. (see what I did there!?! Golly, I slay me!)

I edited last nights post to make it more positive in the end. I can't abide myself just moaning - it achieves nothing! I also know a lot of it is to do with this period, and the ever-other-day attitude it seems to have. Jolly annoying, achy, irritating.

But you know what? That's life dear reader, that's life.