Monday, June 8, 2009


I've done 2 tonight. That's not enough. Looks like 4am is on my cards again. I know I've got until the 21st or whatever to hand them in, but I want them FINISHED! I can do this. I can and I will, because, as the byline says on this blog - the other option is just stupid.

I'm tired though. I'm always tired again at the moment. Tired and hungry lol. But as R and I worked out, I'm not actually paying that much attention to my diet at the moment, other than I'm eating with the others. It happens at report time, and this is the third one he's been through, he knows the signs. Actually, it happens whenever I get stressed. My flight or fight reflex is busted - I tend to sleep! And when the source of stress is work, clearly when I wake up it's all still there lol!

In other news, weirdness this morning from the She-Ex. I emailed her about the whole cumulative assesment thing. I didn't get a response. I emailed her the 10 words for this week, hoping like heck they were something that BG could cope with, as I hadn't had the feedback from the previous week and do you know what?

I can't be doing with going through what happened. It wasn't much, it was weird, it was basically poor email protocol and skills, but I'm going with the goodness of no one was rude to anyone else, and I grok the goodness of that.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow I need to remember not to come home at lunchtime and to work all day lol! My PPA is Wednesday this week because of the headteacher interview thing going on. R is not nervous about making the right choices, he's confident that the governor team can make good choices for the school, but only time will tell. I just hope that it's an older head who isn't all about himself and ambition.

And now, it's the end of BNTM, so I'm going to bed.

Loving all your work. Mwah, Mwah.

A little bit of normal.

I'm just uploading photos to the BG's blog. Last week she didn't get one, and it was the first time in a Very Long Time that we hadn't told her what was going on in our life, even if it's nothing special.

I was going to do it on Monday when we had the pictures from AC's Promotion to whitebelt. Then I was going to do it on Tuesday, but Lightning died, and that was a very traumatic night. Wednesday I was asleep. Thursday I was working, Friday we went to the pictures, and then it was the weekend, his birthday, and so I wedged both weeks into one.

We had a phonecall from the She-Ex yesterday. Usual stuff, except when R asked her about BG's reading she said they were doing it every day. I've emailed her about collecting cumulative evidence, but again have had no reply. All I can think is that they aren't doing it, because if they were it would be the work of minutes to go through the reading diary and photograph it, go through her written diary and photograph it, and send them to me. Maximum of 20 photos. No time at all. Heavens - I'm uploading 22 photos as I speak! Oh well. It's like everything, it comes down to priorities. Like everything, She-Ex and I have different ones. I'm not saying mine are right and hers are wrong, they are just different. We have different values. That's cool. BG was apparently at a sleep over, and would call later if she got back. No phonecall last night from the BG, but maybe she didn't get back in time. No email to say she was back and had a good time or anything like that though. Maybe it'll come.

Yesterday was a good day. AC was playing up a little in church, but mainly because he was over excited, over tired, had been up since 5 and was stuffed full of chemicals by his father. R dropped us and picked us up from church, which was lovely, and typifies why I love that man. He doesn't believe in the same things I do, and yet he facilitates my going, supports me in my beliefs, never ridicules me for them, and is respectful of them when talking to the child. So different from the AC's father.

I made bacon sandwiches for lunch, knowing that as soon as I sat down, that would be it. It was. I slept for a good couple of hours yesterday afternoon whilst R and AC played and pottered. I remember waking slightly when AC spoke to me, but it was clear when I did wake up that he had been telling me he loved me, before he went to sleep as well. I was lying on the sofa, almost on my side. I woke up with the child draped over me like a blanket and snoring in my ear. He cannot have been comfortable, but he was sound asleep. R had to move him in the end so I could answer a call of nature, but he got him back to sleep well enough. And then AC and I did some planting, and R had a sleep. Earlies take it out of all of us.

I made roast lamb in the afternoon, with new potatoes. Lovely. Good, basic home cooking.

And so to work.

Headteacher Interviews.
All that kind of thing.

Yesterday, aside from the random phonecall from the She-Ex, was normal. We like normal.