Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boiler OUT!

Today's big news is that the boiler and the pipework and the chimney, and in fact anything boiler related are out.

This means that all that corner needs cleaning, and I'll be doing that tomorrow morning.

So from this......

To this - all disconnected, boiler moved away from wall, flue down.

To this... the beginnings of taking the chimney down. There aren't a lot of pictures of this bit as Richw as very nervous about doing it as the whole chimney could have come down, depending on the age of the house and the condition. but it didn't so that was ok.

He refilled the old chimney space with bricks that he had just taken out, and it'll be rendered tomorrow, plastered on Saturday.

So that's the chimney.

Next post - the pipework!

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