Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally! An update! (Or how to put up a plasterboard ceiling!)

Not that anyone reads this anyway, but here is an update on the current work. All pictures are suitable for young children as there are *no* picture of naked backs. (Seriously! None!)

This was Friday. No ceiling. See the floorboards of my sons room!

The panel lifter. Having done a ceiling without one and now a ceiling with one, todays top tip would be always use one. Our was £21 from the fabulous Travis Perkins Hire place, and well worth the cash.

See how it lifts the plasterboard with ease! We're using Gyproc Fireline. It's expensive, but what price a child's safety?

Offer it up into place, check the alignment, and screw it in. Rich spent quite a lot of the day in this shape!

Rich is snapping a chalk line onto the board to leave a chalk line (no, really!) so that we know where the joists are and can screw straight into them without guessing.

This picture shows all the big boards up, staggered joints, as they should be, and just the gaps to fill.

Da-Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! One complete ceiling, ready for plastering.

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