Tuesday, August 14, 2007

kitchen so far......

This is the kitchen I have had for over a year now. The wooden units were from someone stripping out their kitchen and had been in a garage for over a year. The worktops were the ones that were here when we got here. The plaster had fallen off of the walls in lots of places where the water had got into it from the leak that the previous people had had, and not sorted out properly.

These are the tiles that were around the walls.

So far we have...................

Friday night

Stripped the tiles from the walls. All of them.

Saturday day

Stripped the tiles from the floor. Some with a floor chisel and 4 lb hammer. Some with the "electric drill with rotary action" as it's technical details describe the tool.

And yesterday he took the ceiling down, and tonight he, Ivan and Charlie are discussing and measuring and doing stuff with pipes.

It's all good! It's going to be fantastic eventually.

I'm even getting underfloor heating. As we have the floor up already.....

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