Thursday, October 18, 2007

Found a new timer....

..... and it's great.

Especially if you work off of two monitors, like I do!

I can have the timer on one monitor, and the work on the other, and keep up to date with them in the middle.

It's a free trial called countdown sequence or something, and I'm going to trial it at school for keeping the children on track with tasks. I know some of them struggle with the idea of a set amount of time, so this should show them how much time they have left for their task, and hopefully allow them to work out what they can do and how to complete it.

Aside from that the day was good. The course was good this morning and the boss binned me from it this afternoon because I was so exhausted from being up with Sam last night.

And the fanfare has gone off, so I must go and clear the bed!

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