Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tomorrow is now today........

the cat (awwwwww!)

The cat is great. He is adorable. His name is Joe and he is enormous and gorgeous and very very affectionate.

He has taken no time at all to settle in. He's clearly nervous around people sometimes, and we think he's been kicked about (but then the kind of stupid lazy and feckless people who leave a cat when they move house *are* the kind of people who kick cats and shouldn't have animals.) He is perpetually hungry, but as I write he is upstairs, curled up on the bed with R. Joe is a very big and solid cat, and has his first vets appointment next week for what is basically an MOT for cats!

The new car

How gorgeous? How big? How environmentally friendly? Well the answer to all those is very, as she is very gorgeous (some small work needed, but spares will come from the black Range Rover) she is huge (3.9lt EFI Vogue) and she is LPG converted, so doesn't have to run on petrol all the time. It's all good! We picked her up last night and she was a very comfortable ride home. It made us realise just how bad the big black one had got. R already feels more of an affinity with this one than he did the big black one, which never had a name, but always had a grumpy old man attitude!

the Bokashi buckets (coooooooool!)

They turned up yesterday from for a very reasonable price and immediate delivery. There is a smell, but it's like a brewing smell, and if I keep the lid airtight on the bucket there is much less. I think it'll stop completely when I get an airtight tub to keep the bran in. There would have been pictures but the camera battery was dead. It's on charge now though!

going back to school. (humph!)

OK. Struggling with this one a bit. Basically just don't want to go. Want to see the kids. Want to teach. Want to spend time with like minded professionals. Tired of the paperwork, the pointlessness, the copying of results from one format to another just to please a different computer system, tired of the rubbish that goes with the excellence that is teaching. I'm a teacher. I'm not a secretary - why am I form filling? I'm not an admin worker - why am I filing? I'm not an analyst - sort out your own results from the raw info I give you. I'm a teacher. I'D LIKE TO HAVE TIME TO TEACH. Please.

the evening.

Least said, soonest mended. The He-Ex got caught in bad traffic on the way back from seeing his mother who is in the same place he lost his dad less than a year ago. Therefore he didn't pick up the Adorable Child, AC cried because he was promised camping, AC had to come with us to look at the car, eat McD's because we were late, didn't go to bed until 10, and was up at 6. Like I say, enough said.

And that's life so far!

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Tammy W said...

Glad Joe is working out, what a cutie! And congrats on the car! Wow! Looks great.