Sunday, February 15, 2009

So. What was all that about then?

The Adorable Child and I went to church today. Twice. That's two times.

We usually go once, to the Methodist Church, and on the way back we pass school, and today the Adorable Child saw the advert for another church, and asked about going. I have no aversion to him going to church, and, contrary to his fathers thoughts, I am not attempting to brainwash him into the belief system he carries for the rest of his life, so if he asks to go somewhere, then if we can, we will.


We went.

There was singing. This is good. We like singing.
There was praying, of the less-than-formal-from-the-front kind, and with the addition of mumbling from the congregation, which is not good, as I find it hard to concentrate. However, I accept that they find it hard to praise without talking, so that's all good.
There was singing, of the repeated kind, but it was good.
There was talking, of a based-on-the-bible kind, with references and a chap who really *knew* his Old Testament, and could reference people who were around with Moses (literally lol!)
There was exhortation, not for money, but for the Spirit - have we had it? Do we need topping up? And then prayers of the praying for people to be filled kind.

Then there were falling overs, sleepynesses, and tears.

I have to think on these things. I sat, at the back, and I did cry, but mainly because it was a week since last week, and I need to do a whole set of weeks since last week before the tears will stop. And that's ok, I know me, I know my process, I'm happy with that. I was talked to, and prayed for, by a very lovely person, who really does know what she believes and is honest in her prayers. She is utterly fabulous, and a good reason to go back.

The rest of it needs thinking on. A lot.

Sometimes life does.

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