Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stuff and nonsense

That's how I feel tonight. I'm tired, I ache in places I didn't know I had, my shoulders are on fire, and I'm having a beer. It's late at night, and I suppose I shouldn't but that's how I feel lol! This will hopefully relax me enough to sleep. I'm watching Girls of the Playboy Mansion, listening to the boys talk about DPS, and warriors, and paladins over druids and so on, and just basically being happy with everything that's going on in my life except my shoulders. I'm such a girly wuss!

The AC has come home with a Stage Six book which he read fluently with R this evening, no problems. Actually, one problem - he got stuck on "bounced" but they read the rest of the sentence together "Nobody bounced on the bed, Nobody bumped Big Bad Bill's head" (or something like that) and then they looked at the picture to see where Nobody was. His reading and writing is really coming on now. His intervention group finishes this week, and it's really made a difference to the way that he views reading and writing. He's always loved reading, but because his writing wasn't as good as he wanted it to be, he's never wanted to do it so much. Now it is better, so he's happier to do it! (and now he's idolising R, whose writing is never the neatest, then it takes the pressure off of him, although I have no idea where the pressure comes from because it isn't me lol!)

Oh well. I think it's time to head to bed for this tired person. The boys will be up until late, snacking on shortbread and double chocolate biscuits, made this afternoon inside 30 mins when Mr B decided he was coming after all!

Tomorrow is a quiet day of church, starting the home brewing, (using a kit for the first time of doing it.) buying pillows for all of us and binning the old ones, marking and planning. AC and R will sort out the homebrewing after I've sterilised it all. It's something R remembers doing with his Daddy, so we thought we'd involve AC as well. We might go out in the afternoon somewhere, but it may depend on how I feel, or rather, how R thinks I feel - he's very careful about me doing too much when I'm not well lol!

The washing is done and sorted - everyone has pants and socks for the week, AC has uniform for the week. I'll do a shirt wash tomorrow and then R will have uniform for the week - counting down now! My clothes are almost sorted, I need to do more washing for those to have a weeks worth of school stuff clean, (obviously I have lots of other clothes lol!)

Oooooh! Big news! I treated myself to a DS title today and got the 100 classic books module. It has some great books on that I have always wanted to read and never got round to getting a copy of, as well as lots that I've read before and would love to read again. So I'm starting with Louisa M Alcotts "Little Women". And so I'm off to bed, leaving the boys chatting and chomping.

I love the fact that R likes inviting people here, and people like coming, and I like having them. It's all good!

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