Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tired and achy

For some reason today, I feel like I have been run over by a bus. I am not kidding.

Ok, well maybe I am, because in actual fact I have not been run over by a bus, and I never have been, so it probably doesn't feel like this, but I am feeling exhausted, achy, sleepy but can't sleep, just ... odd I suppose.

We've been to Walsoken today and bought a crab and 2 red tipped sharks to go in the barb tank, alongside the barbs, who, according to Walsoken fish man, will have bullied the gourami to death and that's why we lost them. Can you believe that little fish would be so mean? Dear reader, it is true. *nods sagely* So a quick run down of the current tanks......

Tank 1 - 2 orange Molly's, full grown. 1 silver baby Molly. 1 hardcore, as nails, Danio. (He's survived bactierial bloom, calcium precipitation, white spot cysts, the works!), 3 blue platys (evacuated from tank 2 in case of victimisation by the barbs, on the advice of fish man) 1 sucking loach.

Tank 2 - 10 golden barbs, 2 red tipped sharks, 1 red crab, 1 sucking loach, 1 platy who is being grown on to go eventually in tank 3.

Tank 3 - Dave. An Australian crayfish.

Tank 4 - 5 neon tetra, 5 black neon tetra, 5 silver sharks, 1 albino plec.

I saw tinfoil barbs today, and they were gorgeous. I mean GORGEOUS! However, they take 18 months to reach full size, and there is no guarentee that we will have a tank big enough for them in that time, so until we have a big enough tank, I don't want to get them. I hate seeing fish in tanks that are too small for them.

And now I need to do baking. We have people coming round, and more importantly, the Adorable Child is home in 2 hours and my house smells of boiling bogwood.


I have baking to do.

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