Monday, February 9, 2009

Want realised? Wants relative?

Today is one day nearer want being satisfied. No specific want, just all wants. After all, everything is closer than it was, isn't it?

Today I acheived a want. A child spoke in my classroom. He rarely speaks, rarely joins in, rarely is part of our world, being locked deep in his own.

Today he spoke, chose to interact, and, whilst there was still a different world in his blue eyes, for a brief moment he touched our world.

His words?

"No. No work!"

I was proud of him.

Wants have to be relative. I could want and want and want for him to be conversational, but it will not happen whilst he is with us. He's doing a lot better, he speaks some words now. I could want and want and want for him to write and draw, but whilst we are developing his fine motor skills, he sees no purpose in what we do, and so I can want all I like, he does what he does for the reasons he does it.

I want him to achieve, at his pace, with all the support I can give him. Those wants are realised.

Realistic wants can be achieved. But are unrealistic wants still more than dreams? They should be.

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