Sunday, March 1, 2009

Giving and being given?

So this weekend, I thought I'd do a brief run down of what I personally have given and have given to other people.

Given to me.

1) HUGE amounts of cuddles and kisses from the AC and R.
2) VAST amounts of time and sympathy and understanding and support from R, right down to helping the AC wash his hair because I couldn't bend over enough to do it.
3) Jamie Magazine, courtesy of R.

Given by me.

1) Volunteered to do the notices at Church. So that's just time, effort and patience. As well as allowing huge amounts of people I don't know access to my phone number, my email address, and numerous other things.
2) Book on castles to the AC, which he just sat upstairs reading and sounding out "Soldiers like to play dice and chat in their spare time."

And now I'm struggling. I could include things I cook and bake extra to meals, but I like doing that.

Maybe I'm not such a giving person after all lol! Maybe so much is given on such a regular basis that what could be seen as giving is seen by me as routine and therefore someone elses right.

For example, I will try and make time to do the blog for the BG tonight. Theroetically, that is me, giving my time, when I don't have it spare, to further the relationship between BG and her father. But I do it every week that he is in the country, so is it giving my time, or is it part of my routine?

Is it even worth doing?

I hope so. But I don't know. At least they can't say we haven't tried.

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