Sunday, March 29, 2009

*sigh* *mope* *sigh*

Yeah, he just left.

And I'm missing him already, as they say!

AC is getting himself in the bath early because he wants jama's on early so that he can play a game with me.

Joe is sulking upstairs (he'll sulk for days without R here!) and will come down for tea and then lie on the floor by the door like a dog instead of the cat he's supposed to be.

Fudge is dozing in the sun.

Lightening is sleeping in a curled up ball in a pile of cotton shavings in his house.

Dave is on his wood, waving his antennas and waiting to be fed.

The fish are, well, just being fish, to be honest. Gorgeous, but fishy.

And I'm feeling him leave, and making a mental list of things I need to do tonight.

There's been no response from the He-Ex to the email I sent him, and the She-Ex is having a problem with the way we told BG what was happening and not her. But then she answered the phone this afternoon and showed no interest at all, so it can't be that important. The niceness has gone though, so I was right not to get too excited about her changing on a permanent basis. She is a really nice person when she's being really nice, but the opposite is also true, and I can't make space for that in my life anymore.

I forgive her time and again, and I always will. There's only one thing I really struggle to find the forgiveness in me towards her for, but I'm working on it, and one day I will. Every photo makes it easier, every missed opportunity makes it harder.

Ah well.

Right. Onwards and upwards as they say! Ben10 Alien Force it is!

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