Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So flipping tired!

After several nights of too much bed and not enough sleep, as they say, I am off for an early night tonight.

I brought home marking to do, but I think it'll have to stay undone and I'll do it tomorrow at school or in the early morning.

But the bread is made, all the uniform shirts and jumpers are washed, the animals are fed, the fishes are cleaned and the world has been hugged to within an inch of it's happy little life.

We have an erudite comment on the blog as well! (Not this one, the one that I do for BG) R asked the She-Ex to let us know what she thought, and she did! Fantastic!

In other news we've finally got rid of the Kangaroo book! We now have Lord Scarecrow to read. We're nearly at the end of Stage 6 readers and this has some reasonably simple words for him in it. His reading is really coming on now, and I rarely have to tell him words these days as he can read most and word out any he doesn't know from the context or the sounds.

Sleep now. Definitely sleep. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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