Monday, March 9, 2009

Stream of Conciousness test!

Just a trial of things here.

Basically, I'm going to turn my brain off, watch ANTM, and let my fingers carry on and see what happens. There may be nothing there - there never usually is! I never wanted to be one of those vapid blondes with nothing to say - a good job really as I didn't turn out to be blonde after all. I never wanted to be utterly smart either, and whilst I'm not utterly genius, I'm not bad and certainly brainer than some - but then there are lots of women brainer than me. I am good at my job though - aren't I? Sometimes I wonder, but those are the times when othe rpeople are involved, when it's just me and the children, we are good and we do learn, and ok it might not be the stuff that the QCA says but it's stuff that they need to learn or we wouldn't be doing it now, would we!

My eyes are watering. I've been awake since 4am now and I'm shattered. Utterly. Still, that's part of working motherhood, and something that, if we want a house to live in that isn't on camp, that we just have to live with. But right now my eyes are watering and I suppose I should go through and check this post but that would deny the translucency of it. That sounds so pretentious. I'm not a pretentious person. I'm not a perfect person, I am what I am. And right now I'm so tired.

It's ok to be tired though. It's fine. After all, I've been up forever, we're under a lot of pressure of work at the moment, and my usual response to stress is to sleep, so maybe that's what there is.


Ok, that was a set of adverts in ANTM. Interesting stream of conciousness!

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