Saturday, April 18, 2009

30 mins with Maya

I just did 30 minutes with Maya. Todays focus was flexibility. I prodded buttock all over the shop! She was not impressed when I said "No sweat." to the question how was the 2nd segment. Or the third segment. I paid for it in the 4th though - Modified plank is hard but getting easier.

I will get to my goal of being fitter and healthier. Not necessarily slimmer, or weighing less, but fitter.

Post Lent weight, 143lbs. I lost 2lbs. But they should stay off as it was done slowly blah blah blah. 2lbs is nothing. It's because I did less exercise than usual as well.

Exercise is the key to it all for me. I can't afford a gym like I used to (I love going to the gym and turning off my brain and just chilling) but I can Wii stuff.

And that's good enough for this old body - I will not be fat and bleughy like this picture I saw of a lady on a bench with her belly hanging out under her dress. UNDER her dress. I don't want to be supermodel thin either. I just want to be me-shaped, and I am, but I also want to be flexible, and I am, but I need to stay me-shaped and flexible, and that means paying attention and doing something about it.

And that means getting off my behind, and using the moaning energy for doing things!

Now I've given myself a little chat, I'm off to clear the dining room table.

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