Tuesday, April 28, 2009


No, not LOL, ROFMAO!

I just had a conversation with R.

I let him know that there was a picture of BG, we looked at it together, and then there was a conversation about communications.

I said that there had been no answer to anything I had sent the BG whilst he was away. He said, yeah, that's because it didn't come from him. I said "But you were away, wasn't that the point of me contacting her to let he know how you were, because you couldn't?" He said "Yeah."

SO? What? *confused* lol!

The blog comes from both of us.
It is rarely acknowledged, and the amount of comments in 3 years can be counted on one hand.

Any emails that I send, are sent because he cannot. So expecting him to send them is just bizarre! I mean, if he could send them, then he would. LOL! He doesn't avoid contacting BG at all! He works hard to ensure contact does happen whenever he can and whenever BG wants it. So if he hasn't sent the email, and I have, it's because he can't and I can, so saying that he isn't .... or won't..... or.. ....... oh LOL! whatever!

I thought if I wrote it down I could look at it until it made sense.

It doesn't lol!

So I'm going to work to battle APP, ISP, AFL, MFL and IEP's, because those acronyms make more sense than this!

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