Monday, April 27, 2009

Not me Monday

Today I did not walk past a group of children playing on the school play equipment before school when they shouldn't have been and shout "It's condemned! Get off!" just to see the parents reaction. (and it is condemned, and taped)

Following that, I did not leave my memory stick in my computer at home when I had been up at 3am working on the flp on it, nor did I then make up the lessons for the rest of the day, secure in the knowledge that I could use the memory stick lessons tomorrow.

I did not almost fall asleep in assembly because of being up at stupid o'clock.

I was not crazily happy *not* to have heard from the She-Ex because I just couldn't manage to stay nice today and as I hadn't heard from her then it meant she didn't get the hassle that I would have given her, whether she deserved it today or not.

I did not eat 2 crispie cakes at lunchtime.

I did not call my ex-head a liar about how much work he said APP wouldn't be. It is. I did not get so mind numbingly confused by APP that I am now turning this off and going to bed at 9.15pm just to stop my head whirling.


I can do this Not Me Monday!

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H F W said...

I love it! So honest. And didn't it feel so good to confess to that lunch-time treat?? I always get strange satisfaction out of confessing my terrible eating choices.