Saturday, April 4, 2009

*stretch* *yawn*

Morning world!

I am a sleepy bunny today and no mistake! But then I didn't get to sleep until midnight and the cat trod on me at 6am when I refused to get up at 5. He's now fed, the animals are fed, the fish are checked, and life is good.

I just have to learn how to use this new keyboard, that's all. And I am, and it's good, and I like it.

I also like the new desktop publishing programme I got yesterday (£9.99!) which has done everything I asked it to do, and for around £105 cheaper than Amazon wanted for M$ Publisher. I don't need all singing all dancing - it's the church notices! However, this is excellent, does the job, and is a Serif programme, so all is well.

I like knowing R is asleep upstairs. I was supposed to be going on a leaving do last night, for my head and another teacher. As I'm not sorry either of them is going, I've spoken to the other teacher and expressed my support and thanks for all she has done and will do, and she needs to get away from around here, I didn't go. I find these kinds of do's to be a cross between tact and diplomacy, and straight hypocrisy. I'm not good at the first and don't like the second. I'm not overly sorry to see him go, I don't like his policies and although his manner with the children is good, we so rarely see him that it's a real shame.


Moving on!

R and I sat around in jama's last night, eating chinese and talking and enjoying each other being around. It was great.

We had an email from the She-Ex, which was bizarre, had nothing about BG in it, except to tell us not to tell BG something that a) there was no need for her to know anyway until the entire situation had been resolved. and b) there was no need for us to know anyway if the She-Ex was so determined that BG shouldn't know, and c) there is a whole nother post on the subject of turning to faith in a crisis.

I did pray for the people concerned - who wouldn't in their situation? And I'm not going to say what it was, because the last thing I would want anyone to find was that I had discussed their situation on the net when I don't even know them. It's not my news to spread, share and wallow in. It's not my drama.

And then the She-Ex phoned, so she could tell R the news about the people that we don't know, and he doesn't do praying for people anyway, and then when he said he'd seen the email but he had been having his dinner and not replied, she hung up on him!


Moving on again!

R and BG had a lovely long chat last night. BG was tidying her mothers room so that her mother didn't have to "waste time doing it" Interesting choices of phrases these children have! Happy chatty child though, very glad to talk to Daddy, and we got through first time, which is lovely.

And now I must move on again. I shall read the mail, mind map "growing (up)" as a April's theme, think about blogging about the course/activity I did yesterday, and chill.

I shall make cake, AC has asked that R and I go to KSW today to see his grading (with board breaking!) so I shall take the camera, and all will be lovely. I don't have to do any work, although I may try and rework the template that we have from school for reports to make it more solid, as it is certainly flaky right now.

And that's me done!

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