Saturday, April 25, 2009


(It's still a girl lol!)

Lilly Beatrice Cook.

Beatrice was my grandmothers name, and she died in June, so it's nice. Lilly's brother is Alfie Morris, which was my grandfather's name (her husband) so it is gorgeous that they are remembered together.

8.1lb, so a good size, and straight on the breast, so not weighed for an hour.

F is really good at breastfeeding, apparently much influenced by how much I worked at it until it worked, and by the fact I didn't just give up and do the chemical formula thing. I've just read a really good email on bf-ing, and I'll write about it later. It's something that is really important to me, and I think that with more support and more effort more babies would be bf'd and more children would be healthier, less obese, less likely to get cancer and so on.

ARGH! I said I was going to write about this later. And I am! We have things to do, but I am so happy to know Lilly is here, even though it hurts like hell inside me that she was born this week, of all weeks, but it's cool because she *is* here, she *is* fine and happy and so forth, and that is what matters.

And yes, there may well be a long tearfilled maudlin post in a while, but for now, I am revelling in the knowledge of her arrival, happy that, whilst these things have only worked out once for me, they work out time after time for others, and that means I *must* have hope and that there is no room for selfishness.

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