Saturday, May 9, 2009


.. it's Saturday! When did that happen?

Today we *need* tyres for the car (not something we can really afford, but a puncture kind of means we have to!) we*need* to get BG's present. If we can't find the thing today, I think we'll just have to send the money to Mother of She-Ex and ask her to get it for BG. BG is adorable, but very specific in her wants! Every year we have supplied, but this year I'm starting to think it's a US only thing. (Reason number 1894 why life would be better if she and She-Ex lived over here lol!)

I would like to get some fabric. I know I only bought some the other day (shush now!) but I have a project I want to do. I'll post a link when I can find one. It's from a great book.

And I have to get dried and dressed or we'll be late for the tyre place. I know, blogging fresh out of the shower. That's time management that is! (or something)

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