Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going to the Smoke.


We're going to London for a weekend in the city! The AC is at his fathers until Sunday evening so that they can go and see a railway that only opens every third Sunday of the month. R knew I would be miserable, knew that there was something on in London, so we're going up, going to visit friends, stay overnight and that kind of thing. It will be MARVELLOUS!

He spoke to the BF again last night. Very chatty and inquisitive (I think the She-Ex is still away doing her horse course) until school was mentioned. Oh dear. No answer on the spelling front, so probably didn't do so well. But then, her mother was away, and that little girl needs consistency. It pulls against all my children first principles, but then I'm not her mother, like I'm not the mother of so many children I see who just *need* a consistent, permanently there, parent, regardless of toys and the flaming Electronic Babysitter. (a.k.a. The TV)

Not soapboxing this morning - too excited, although I am returning to bed in a bit for more sleep as it will be a looooooooooooooooong day! And night. And then tomorrow.

Work was work, I got all the papers fixed for SATs, and had a very productive meeting with the TempHead. Shame we can't keep him actually. He says everything I have to say is logical, practical, and needs doing.

I know. I just said it!

But it's nice to feel valued at work.

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