Saturday, May 30, 2009

Half time

I don't know why I'm watching the football. It's half time in the FA Cup Final anyway. R is in work, so I'll have to watch the replay later on!


Some time later! (about 1hr 30!)


I've just caught the presentation ceremony!

Not being a person for spoilers I shall wait until after the replay, but it means I won't be able to talk to R about it at all!

I was outside talking to James who turned up to have a look at the car. Basically, we are very, very very lucky there wasn't a serious accident this morning.

We were on our way to R's work at stupid o'clock when just before the Tesco there was flap flap flap and so we stopped at Tesco and had a look and yeah.


Lump of engine not where a lump of engine should be. The stud going through had been over tightened and sheared, and the tensioner was sitting in the belt. Thankfully, and I've just found out how bad it could have been, that was all that happened. James filled me in on how bad it could have been (i.e. through the fan, through the radiator, into the middle of the road, engine seized in under 10 seconds, major league death and destruction, very least, write off engine and therefore car!)

So we didn't know all that, came back, and he went to work on the bike. He came home. We waited for James whilst having a go at the car, he had a phonecall, he went to work!

What a lovely day! LOL!

More later people - the AC should be home now!

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