Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have the calmness.....

.... of the end of a good book.
.... of a fury controlled.
.... of a plan made.
.... of a deep set laughter because I know a secret.
.... of a warm brick built house, on a dark rainy night, with the love of a good man and a strong child.

I have that calmness rippling through me, keeping me from venting about selfishness and ill thought out actions, and plain stupidity, keeping me from raging about ignorance, and instead, just keeping me warm.

And I shall go to bed, and let the fury dissipate as I slip into the arms of my man as he loves me, suspending my mind, my reality, my awareness as he enfolds me.

In the morning, all that is left, is the book to reread, the plan to make work, the secret to know, and the house full of love, laughter, a good man, and a strong child.

It's a good way of dealing with things, for me.

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