Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not so cute.

My son refused to get in the shower this morning.

He said he wasn't sharing....

And yes, that is cat hair and cat litter. I rinse the bath every day whilst the shower warms up for the boy, just for that reason.

But that is a HUGE spider by my standards. R moved it to the shed.

We had a long talk this morning as well, sitting on the stairs, about the state of flux we are in whilst we wait for things that we cannot control to happen around us. We've done the things we can, we've proven what we've proven, now we just have to wait.

And wait.

I'm not good at waiting.

However, we had a lovely phonecall with BG last night, very chatty and apparently not gone to visit her mother in The Wilderness. She wouldn't talk about school, but she would talk about life in general.

So we'll see.

Anyway, we must go!

1 comment:

H F W said...

AHH! That spider is HUGE! I wouldn't share either.

I'm glad you got clarity about your job situation, and I will pray for you as you wait for the uncontrolable things. That's so hard.