Monday, May 25, 2009

Of marking and dens and sleep

I've marked almost all of the year 4 SATs today. R has been really good, playing with the AC, and the AC has been really good, playing in the front room, helping me tidy and get things done.

Today, AC and I have....

*made a great den
*eaten Jaffa Cakes.
*played spaceships
*made eggy bread for lunch
*curled up in the den together to watch Ben10.

After lunch he was so tired and grotty I made him sit with me, and he wasn't having it, he sloped off, and then came back with a minor bump, and so he sat on my lap, I cuddled him tight, and within 5 minutes he was asleep. 2 hours later, I encouraged him to wake. And there he was, my beautiful sunny child again! I have buckets to write on the feeling of having my "baby" sleeping on me again, but it's busy being a special feeling right now.

He played Pokemon with R, they looked at the Pokedex together. (Or Pokadex, or somesuch thing!)

We had roast chicken for tea. I made the mistake of asking the child what he would like with the chicken, and he said chips! So we did. Chips, beans, and garlic and sage roasted chicken. Ah well.

I ought to be getting on with the work I need to do.

There's been no photos from the weekend of the BG, but I've sent pictures of what we did to her via the blog. Hopefully there'll be a comment this week. She finishes school this week as well though, but we'll see what happens there.

(As a side note, I'm watching Britains Next Top Model - they drink a LOT on there!)

Right. I *am* going to finish this and I *am* going to get on and do the marking, and then I *am* going to sort out my fabric and so on for tomorrow, pack the sewing machine up ready and so on.

AC will be picked up by his father at 9am. I need to be there at 10, and R is going to take me up there. I am very excited. This will never make me money, and I'll never pretend it will, but this is something I enjoy, that R is happy to provide for me to enjoy, that AC is well taken care of whilst I'm doing it, and so I can enjoy this few hours tomorrow, happy in that knowledge.

Back laters people!

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