Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prayers needed

It's not often I would post something like this, and I'm sticking it out to all my newsgroups and everywhere that a Christian might read it and have time to approach the Throne for us.

We have some big decisions to make in the next week, and we need prayer that we make them the right way. They don't just concern us, they concern other people, they concern the consequences of our decisions being life-changing. We have some things to investigate over the next few days before a decision is made around Tuesday, and then another one is made later in the week (not sure when yet)

Please pray for clarity of thought for us, for the ability to make unemotional decisions, and for the ability to think about what is best for everyone, and above all, what God wants.

Thankyou. I'm sorry to be obtuse, and there will be more details available later on, but right now everything is so delicate I'm almost afraid to put it into words. God knows though, and He has a plan. Just wish I knew what it was.

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H F W said...

Praying for you. He knows what you need, and you're sensitive to doing His will. You will make good decisions.