Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time for bed

R is up at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning. But it's all good, he spoke to the BG tonight. Unfortunately the "Can she be somewhere quiet at the right time?" simple request didn't work, esp as she wasn't actually *with* her mother because her mother was walking a horse. Oh well. Hopefully she's earning plenty of money from it.

Other wise, today has been a fabulous day. We've shopped for food, R has cleared the garden and we had a lovely time this afternoon, just relaxing as a family, the boys playing on the DS, I read more of "The Name of the Wind" (Loving this book!) and we barbecued for tea. How relaxed and chilled is that?

I've had a long bath, and I've marked all the Y3 papers, eventually. It was a struggle and I'll post the pictures tomorrow for why that was!

And now to bed.

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