Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A break

I'm taking a break this evening. I have a long afternoon and evening when I can write reports tomorrow, whilst R is doing the important job with 8 others of selecting a new headteacher for the school.

I'll add it to the list of middle classness, shall I? LOL.

I am sewing log cabin blocks, with red centres, and pale green, pale brown outsides. So far I have 4 completed.

I think I will just have to give up on the reading thing. Not on the BG, I would never, ever give up on the BG, but on the She-Ex actually doing anything productive and helpful. Literacy and academia is not valued in the same way in that household as it is in this one, it's just a different way of doing things. That's cool. It's the way it is. The difference is that a well educated and literate adult can choose to do a job that requires low level understanding. It is practically impossible for an illiterate adult, or even one with a low level of literacy, to choose a highly academic job.

Oh well. There has been no reply to the AC's email, and the blog hasn't been read. It is reducing the goodwill in the house, but then what can we say? We are doing all we can.

Currently, it is limited as to what we can do about it.

More sewing. More thinking. More Rick Stein.

Unless anyone else has any better ideas?

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