Friday, June 19, 2009

Notices, and TGIF!

There's notices to do. So I'm doing them.
Today there is numeracy, literacy, science, finishing, assembly, go home for the weekend.
Tomorrow there is reports and shopping to do.
Sunday there is a family time.
Monday there is 20 more days of school.

Today there is apparently a row with the She-Ex on the brew. Oh well. Today I'm not going to argue of her misunderstanding of something that was nothing to do with her. I've said what I think to her, and therefore I'm done. I might blog about it at a later date, I might not! There is still no post from the BG to her father for Fathers Day.

Today there is Joe going to the vet to see how his weight it doing.
Today there is Transformers2!
Today, there is PAYDAY! (It's felt like a little while coming this time lol!)

Thank goodness today is Friday at last!

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