Thursday, June 25, 2009

So early,

so tired, so much to do, so not well!

Today again I actually feel not well. GRRR! Maybe it's the 3 hours sleep. Or the cold. Or the damp in the air.

Maybe it's just because I'm working at stupid am because the goalposts got changed at work. Who knows. But it's all good. Really it is :-)

Anyway, today. after taking child to school.

1) phone mortgage
2) make appointment
3) sleep
4) banana bread for himself.
5) biscuits for himself.
6) quilting.
7) bathroom
8) kitchen
9) clear dining room table.
10) what's for tea? (sausage cassarole!)
11) collect child from school.
12) snuggle and play.

It's not a bad list, although I ought to go to the nurse at some point after number 3, but we'll see.


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