Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I am so glad to see the end of this week . It has gone on FOREVER!

The only good side of it is that at least the Ex's haven't chosen this week to create something out of nothing.

In fact, let me list the good things of this week.

1) The hamster died. Not a good thing, but good that we were here when he did and good that the AC wasn't. Good that he wasn't in pain. Good that the AC and R and I could talk it out, cry it over, get through it, and do it all as a family. Good that AC is so emotionally mature and in such a stable environment that all of that was a fine and froody thing to do. Good that his first experience of close death of something he cared for wasn't a parent or grandparent. Lots of good.

2) I have worked my backside off. Not a good thing, but good that I have a job, good that I love my job, good that I have a supportive family and partner, good that the job pays reasonably well, good that I know how to do it well. Lots of good.

3) AC called R "Da......R" Then said "I nearly called you Daddy!" R said "Either works for me" AC replied "Yes, it does" All good. No big pressure from anyone, no big fuss, just a conversation. I love our family.

4) Dad had successful knee surgery, R picked him up before hand, took him over, they had a long chat about lots of stuff, they're good together. That's a good thing. And BG sent my Dad a message through me, which was ace, and my Dad was really pleased, so that was double good.

5) It's the AC's birthday tomorrow! Nothing major planned (his party is next week) but tonight we'll go into town, pick up his present (Not written here as he can read completely!) and he'll come home from his Daddy's tomorrow night, we'll have our good times then. It'll be weird that he's not here for his birthday night, but it's cool. The good thing is that he gets to see his Daddy, they have a proper relationship, they spend important times together as well as the every day stuff. It's worth what it puts me through, because in a divorce like mine, the child is the most important person.

6) Me. I've been up and down this week, not helped by the worlds most weird period. Currently it's every other day. Enough already lol! Joints are flared, head is foggy, but life is like that - no time to moan, just got to get on. And the good thing? I have a loving and supportive man, who cares for me. I have a health service that I can go to if I need to without worrying about the money. I have the basic knowledge of my own body to let me heal myself. I have R's hands. I have AC's cuddles. I have life. All those things are good things.

There's more, but I have to get going for school. It's all good. It's god dark bits in it every now and again, because, contrary to what has been screamed at me, I'm not perfect, but it's a good life that I deserve because I've worked hard for it, we've worked hard for it as a family, and we're not letting anyone or anything take it away from us.

So ner world!


What are you glad for today?

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Tempewytch said...

I'm thankful that Dr Tempe can finally say goodbye to his previous employers, thankful that I have Dr Tempe (who for some bizarre reason loves me!), and thankful that even with Chronic Pain my health is not so bad!