Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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s up. And resting in His word. Or trying to anyway. Enough with the shocks of the last few days. Enough with complications trying to take away the good emotions I feel. Ha! says I. I have the love of an amazing God, a wonderful man, an adorable child, a million family and friends all over the world. And some really rude and suggestive texts as well. Apparently we did only think about one thing!

I have to say, we thought about it a lot! I mean, I know we did it a lot, but apparently we thought about it even more!

That's a lovely, lovely part of our lives that I will miss like absolute madness.

Right now, all I can think is that I sent him off to work this time on Friday. I can glory in the truth and love we had, that we did the same things we *always* did.

He kissed me, he said "I love you, see you later."
I said "Love you too, see you in a bit."
He said "See you later smelly child."
AC said "Bye bye, night night!"
I followed him to the door, and waved as he roared off on his bike, twisting to wave at us as he went, and doing the standing up on his pegs thing he always did when he got to the bridge to stretch his leathers into the right place.

There was nothing special that we did, there was no row that I can't say sorry for, there was no badness in our lives. We hadn't even had nastyness from the She-Ex that morning. It was just the happy bubble that was us. Even the blog post I wrote that morning is lovely lol.

We are so lucky.

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H F W said...

Still thinking of you and praying for you and your AC, Sarah. Also, praising God for the little comforts He has provided.
Wish I could say something more, but I'm just stopping in to tell you that I'm still here caring.