Sunday, July 26, 2009

First gaming session

We've just finished our first gaming session without Rich.

We didn't game, we watched a film. I went to sleep. C tried to massage some of the knots out of my back and as I relaxed I dozed off. It's the first time I've just "fell asleep" since Rich died.

It's been a hectic day again. At one point there were 5 adults and 9 children in the house. It was fine, the AC had a lovely day, the children all enjoyed themselves, and the adults were all shattered!

I've emailed the She-Ex to let her know about the article being online. I've saved BG a copy of the paper, and I'll send it all to her when everything is over. I've tried writing to the BG so many times, but each time it just sounds like she missed out on a life with an amazing man and the chance to know her Daddy properly. I guess that's because she did. The AC worshipped the ground R walked on, and for reasons best known to himself. He's spent a lot of time in Ellie today, just sitting, or talking to Megan, or just ferreting around. He says he feels like Rich is there as well sometimes, and I told him that was cool.

It's all cool. Everything *will* all be fine. He promised me that. And therefore it will be. He never broke a promise to me, not ever.



See you in the morning people. It's another busy day tomorrow!

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H F W said...

Still thinking of and praying for you, Sarah.