Friday, July 10, 2009

One of *those* days....

You know with it's going to be one of those days. The battery is flat on the car. The milk is a touch off. That kind of day.

And then....

Poor baby. The AC came to school with me today, and whilst outside, before school started, he fell off a bench (during a game of 40-40-IN!) and this was the result. A mighty bump.

It's dried over ok now, he spent the day at home with R and I went back to school.

Major ouches.

His father thinks that it's much better for him to be with me and whilst I agree with him for a variety of reasons, I do disagree with the phrase "Well I have a lot to do with Nana, so it's worked out for the best actually."

The She-Ex is badly spoiling for some kind of fight, but hasn't had one. Other things to think about, other priorities lol! I was proud of R though, because no matter how she antagonised him, he just said, "AC is up, I don't want to have this conversation now." Lovely. Just.... lovely.

Like we always say.

Ex's for a reason..............

So a quiet night, a quiet day and then whatever Sunday brings! (It's still a surprise!)

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H F W said...

Oh! Poor kiddo. But he is sooo stinkin' adorable even with a huge gash. That one needed some major kisses, huh?