Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And again....

Again I have slept through the Star Wars IV film. The first one, which stopped being the first one a few years ago.

I've slept through so many films, snuggled up to Rich, warm, safe and loved.

Tonight it was Charlie-Paul though, so I wasn't snuggled up!

Tired though, so going to bed, hopefully to sleep more than 3 hours. A girl can hope...

Rich and I tried to watch a Star Wars film once, and I went to sleep, and got cold. I woke up to find he'd taken his jumper and wrapped it over me, to keep me warm. That's the kind of thing that made me really start to love him, that kind of love and care and consideration for the feelings of others, and the way he thought about my needs.

He's amazing, and I love him.

And I *know* he's not coming home, but I can still wish he would.

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