Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a new day.

It's a new dawn.... and so on!

So far today I have put some lovely pictures up on Facebook (if you want to see them, just leave me a comment!) and made bread, made tea, put a load of washing in, curled up with the child, and just had some us time.

He has now gone to his fathers. I have rubbish tv on whilst I sort his uniform and so on.

He has

2 pairs swimming trunks
15 pairs socks
7 pairs pants
4 pairs trousers
6 white polo shirts
4 weekend t-shirts
2 pairs jeans
2 pairs joggers
2 pairs combats
school coat
school bag
school lunchbox

I have

4 new bras (that fit! Woo!)
7 pairs pants
1 pair jeans
4 pairs black trousers for school
4 t-shirts
3 long sleeve tops
6 pairs socks
funky new purple boots

We saved all over the place on deals, which was good.

But now it all needs washing, ironing, labelling. Ah well.

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